Full Specification, Production, and Price of Electric Pickup Workhorse W-15


All You Need to Know About Electric Pickup Workhorse W-15

Workhorse Group Incorporated is an American manufacturing company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, currently focused on manufacturing electrically powered delivery and utility vehicles. The company was founded in 1998 by investors who took over the production of General Motors’ P30/P32 series stepvan and motorhome chassis. By 2005, they were taken over by Navistar International, which had been selling them diesel engines. Navistar then shuttered the plant in 2012 to cut costs after having suffered heavy losses.

On this occasion the Lockomotive team will discuss Full Specification, Production, and Price of Electric Pickup Workhouse W-15 which is quite luxurious and good. Let’s just take a look at the article below.

Full Specification of Electric Pickup Workhorse W-15

The specifications in the car are an important part of knowing the strength and quality of the car. Starting from the exterior, interior, to the car engine is something that must be considered before buying a car. Let’s just go deeper into Full Specification of Electric Pickup Workhorse W-15.

  • 80 miles of all-electric range on 60 kWh battery (Panasonic)/67% usable, 75 MPGe fuel efficiency in all-electric operation and total 310 miles of range
  • three-cylinder “range extender” gasoline engine
  • 460 system horsepower (343 kW), two 230-hp/172-kW electric motors, AWD
  • 0-60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds
  • towing capability of 5,500 lbs, payload of  2,200 lbs
  • collision-avoidance features, automatic braking, lane-departure warning
  • composite body with carbon fiber
  • double cab
  • standard bed configuration
  • 7.2 kW power export that allows tools to be plugged directly into the battery power source without the truck running

Production of Electric Pickup Workhorse W-15

The Ohio-based company might not be a household name, however Workhorse is preparing against General Motors, Ford, and Ram from the pickup segment. But instead than some, the work-horse W15 uses a lithium-ion battery pack, double motors, and a petrol engine behaving as a range extender. Fleet customers are being prioritized by workhorse, but will also market to private owners.

John LaFleur, Workhorse business development manager, told Trucks.com that production will begin in the late summer or fall in 2018. Fleet customers with large orders will begin taking delivery in late 2018, followed closely by full scale production in 20-19.

The truck runs off its Panasonic lithium-ion battery package, which is located in between the frame rails, to power the motors. Work-horse says it has a variety of 80 miles on a fee. The battery is kept charged by the gasoline engine while still providing power the motors, once depleted. Together with a full fee and full tank of petrol, an estimated 310 miles will be driven by the W-15. Maintain the tank full, and the truck will force like a pickup.

Price of Electric Pickup Workhorse W-15

According to Workhorse, there are over 5,300 preorders for the vehicle to be used in fleets. Only about anyone can snag a place in line for the pre-order fee of 1,000. This amount is fully refundable. Although work horse anticipates the the price of the vehicle itself is $52,500.

For all those of you who don’t know much this truck includes an electric drive train with a gas engine as a range extender. Horsepower is anticipated to be 460 ponies, torque figures have never been disclosed. All electric scope is 80 miles, with the number extending gas motor allowing for 310 miles per tank. While MPG with the scope extender is estimated at 32 city, mPGe is estimated at 75.

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